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Experimental Animated Music Video, 2022

BODY is an experimental animated music video created using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects. The entire animation was created (concept to finish) within an approximately 2-week time period. BODY uses a combination of animation techniques, including hand-drawn animation, rotoscoping, and animatic-style animation utilizing After Effects.


*Awarded Best in Show at the 2022 KVCC Year End Student Celebration Exhibit.


"I truly wanted the lyrics of this song to guide me through the process of creating this animation. When I first heard the song, my immediate interpretation of the line about being tired of this body as a longing to be free from the weight of living in a human flesh. The song spoke to me in a way that allowed me to come up with a concept for an animation quite quickly.


Early on, I knew that I wanted to utilize both cool and warm hues to show visually the distinction between emptiness and freedom. I also used doves and moths to show how she wants to be free and fly away, without the weight of a body. In the end, the character allows nature to overtake and free her."

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